Friday, March 16, 2018

Shiny Congratulations

We are still on March Break mode here!  I am pretty much ready for school to be back in session.  However, I was reminded by someone who's kids are grown that she wishes she had the noise of the kids around since now her home is so quiet.
I know I need to enjoy this time with the kids since they grow up so fast.  I'm trying!  :-)

We made pecan pie a couple of days ago to celebrate Pi day (3.14)

I had never made Pecan pie before and we only made it because we went to the grocery store to buy a pecan pie and they didn't have any!??  So I quickly got on pinterest, found a recipe and instead purchased the items to make a pie.  

Kevin saw my pies that I had posted on facebook.  He was thrilled because he felt this was absolute proof that he has converted me to his corny, scientific humour.  

Maybe I just needed an excuse to eat pecan pie.  

Anyway, I digress.  I wanted to show you a card I made last week for a Team S.T.I.C girl who worked very hard and advanced to the next Stampin' Up! title of Silver. 

I felt a silver type card was in order 

I silver embossed the outline of the congratulations and I used that awesome silver washi tape that is part of the Myths and Magic Suite. I'll try to post the supply list below. 

Because this team member is Irish, I decided to use some Emerald Envy on the card too. 

I had fun making this card! The multi-step Amazing congratulations stamp set is VERY interesting and I love all the different sentiments. 
I used the simple stripes embossing folder to add some interest on the card base.  (ps. that embossing folder can be obtained for FREE with your $60 order)

Thanks for dropping in!  3 more days till my hubby gets home. (but who's counting?) 

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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

More Freebies????

Just announced!  Stampin' Up! has released some regular catalogue product and turned them into Saleabration freebies just for these last two weeks!

Wow.  Just when I thought saleabration couldn't get any better!  These extra items are available as saleabration freebies starting March 15th!

I"m so sorry for the blurry nature of this picture but I hope it allows you to get a glimpse of what is now free with your orders (min. $60) just until the end of the month!
View the flyer here

Shop now on my online store! 

One of the best things on this list is the Color Me Happy Project Kit!

For Today's Watch it Wednesday Video check out tips on making this fun kit.

Thanks for dropping in!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

An Amazing Race

It's March break. This means there's three kids lounging around the house NOT going to school.  I'm also doing the solo parent thing this week since Kevin is off in Nicaragua on a missions trip.

We are thankful that the team arrived safely and are keeping busy with all kinds of activities like construction, teacher training at the school, helping with the feeding program and more.

To see photos and read about the team's activities you can go to the blog:

I told the kids that I had planned something fun for them to do on one day during March Break.  I made up an Amazing Race.  I had various Clues that led to different locations all over the city and at each location there was a specific challenge.
I had a whole prize system at the end and everything.  To be honest I was pretty impressed with myself over the whole thing.  If you want to do it, I'd be happy to share because I copied lots from the internet and just modified it to make it work for our city.

I made up all these envelopes with the clues and challenges:  (hooray for my alphabet stamp sets!)

To be honest it wasn't really a race since my three kids worked together in one team and they weren't racing against anyone.  I told them they had to co-operate together to complete different challenges and that they would get a cash reward based on their completion of the challenges and other measures.  I know it might seem silly to give my own kids a cash reward but I figured if I were to take them all to the zoo or the Science Centre it would cost a big chunk of cash AND I would have to fight March break crowds. 
This was probably cheaper and wouldn't give me a headache. 

Here's an example of a clue: 

Stop HANGING around and SWING into action.
Go to a place where you found childhood satisfaction.
Don’t let your game SLIDE, stop PLAYING around,
Hurry and get over to this fun loving GROUND.

When the kids showed up at the location, I would be there to hand them the challenge for that location and also the clue to find the next location.  I would then drive off to the next location to meet them. 

See, this was the Challenge at the playground:
Take a trip to memory lane, it is time to PLAY! Complete all of these fun playground challenges to receive your next clue! Don’t forget to take pictures!
  • Everyone must slide down the slide backwards, face first, and then all at once.
  • Each person takes turns pushing a team member on the swing and doing an underdog
  • Play one round of follow the leader around the entire playground.

as I said I can't take credit for these fun clues because I copied them off examples I saw on the internet. 

I found it funny to meet the kids at different locations.  I'd start off sitting at a location in my car confident that they would figure out the clue because I made them really easy.  However, as the clock ticked away and they did not show up, I would start to get nervous and wonder where they were. 
Intellectually I knew it could take them a long time to get to some of the check points because they would have had to take a bus but emotionally I worried about all sorts of things. 

At one check point they showed up earlier than I expected because they ordered an UBER and got a drive!  I guess they weren't interested in waiting an hour for the next bus. 

Pit stops included a pet store where they had to find out facts on a certain pet, a japanese restaurant where they had to eat squid, a laundrymat where they had to put on oversized clothes. and the mall where they had to hug a mannequin. 

Their photographic "proof" that they did the challenges were hilarious. 

The race finished with everyone being presented with a makeshift medal and a gift bag with chips. 

So, this March Break week continues. We'll see what adventures show up later this week! 
Thanks for dropping in! 
I hope you have a good week too!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Springtime foil thank you

I had some time this past weekend to just play. It was heavenly!
I knew one of the things I would play with is the new springtime foil desinginer séries paper which is free with a $60 order during saleabration. 
Don’t wait! Saleabration ends at the end of March and some items may become sold out! 

This quick and easy card is stunning with all the foil accents. 
Maybe with regular specialty dsp I would be hesitant to use such a large sheet on the card front but I’m not worried with this dsp because it’s free! (Ahem, did I mention it is free?)

When I decided on a card base colour I decided to go with Night of Navy because it is so rich...a perfect match with gold foil don’t you think?

Some of the paper has silver accents, some has gold accents and some have like a rose gold accent.

Super gorgeous!

See another example of where I used this paper on this blog post

Hope this card inspires you to create! Thanks for dropping in!
Check out the supply list below and head to my online store so you can take advantage of saleabration before it's gone!  If you want to re-create the card I posted today, buy everything you need and you'll get the Springtime Foils DSP for free. 

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Friday, March 9, 2018

Welcome Spring, Farewell Saleabration!

I can't believe the amazing Saleabration promotion that I wait all year for is now almost gone! 
Sob.  I have not yet done as much stamping as I desire.  I think with March break coming I shall pick a day and sit and stamp.  Maybe I will challenge myself to use every single saleabration product so that I can fully enjoy them! 

I think it's important to have closure to this hallmark saleabration event.  So, we're going to have a Saleabration Finale! 

I'll arrange some special treats for us to eat and we'll stamp some pretty cards with spring colours. 
We'll welcome spring while we say farewell to Saleabration! 

I hope you can come! 

Here's the details: 
Wednesday March 28th 7pm
We'll make 4 pretty cards for only $15 or FREE with an order (min. $25) 
Saleabration finale special: Get an extra gift from me when you place a minimum $60 order! 
It's like double saleabration rewards! 
One evening only! 

Of course I can't talk about Saleabration and not talk about the best deal of all! 

The Stampin' Up! starter kit is absolutely the best deal.  
You get to choose $165 worth of product but you pay only $135 NO SHIPPING (and NO TAX in Ontario)
If that's not good enough, during saleabration you get to choose two additional stamp sets of any value for FREE. 

Once you purchase the kit from me you get additional fantastic perks such as a 20% discount all the time, access to my monthly $5 team stamping nights,  quarterly full colour magazine and so much more. 

If you're curious to hear about my Stampin' story and learn more about the fantastic starter kit and joining the Stampin' Up! family,   I'll be doing a free session before sweet and simple class at 6pm where there will be a bonus stamping project and I can answer questions. 

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Paper Pumpkin Fun!

I loved the February Paper Pumpkin!  It is a hint of spring in a still grey and dreary time! 

Paper Pumpkin is the perfect all inclusive crafting kit!  You get all the crafty happiness with precut, predesigned projects which includes stamp set, ink and embellishments.  You don't get any of the crafty stress like figuring out what to make or looking for just the right supplies.  Everything you need comes right inside your box, delivered to your door! 

It just doesn't get better than that! It also makes a perfect gift! 
p.s. when you order 3, 6,or 12 month prepaids you qualify for free saleabration gifts too! 

Check out the video below which showcases the February Kit and make sure to subscribe for the March kit! 

You can order a 1 month prepaid to try out the paper pumpkin experience.  Just go straight to my online store! 

Paper Pumpkin is celebrating their 5th anniversary in March! 
This means there will be a special box, a special crafting kit and everyone who receives the March box will also receive a free gift valued at about $7 included in their box! 

Don't miss out!  Make sure to get the March kit when you input your prepaid code or subscribe by March 10th!

Monday, March 5, 2018

My baby's birthday

My little guys birthday is later this month.  He will be eleven!  I can hardly believe it!
It wasn't that long ago he was in diapers right?
He begged and begged to have his party at a local indoor bicycle park called Joyride.
He researched the cost and listed all the benefits to having his birthday at Joyride.
How could I say no?  Although in our negotiations we agreed that if we went to Joyride this year, next year he would have a low key home party.

My son had a great time riding his bike with his friends.

Since my husband is super  busy right now with getting ready to open a new school in the fall and going on his mission trip to Nicaragua this week, I really wanted to make sure I organized all the details of the party the best I could so he wouldn't have to worry about anything.

Part of the party preparations included the loot bags.

I kept it very simple and each child got a Tim Hortons gift card and a couple mini chocolate bars.
However I absolutely can not give a gift card naked.
It must be packaged.
I made a simple envelope using the Bubbles and Fizz Designer Series Paper.  (This fun paper is FREE with a minimum $60 order during saleabration!)

The paper coordinates with the Bubble Over Stamp set.

I made one loot bag then put all the stamps and accessories out so Nathaniel could make the rest.  He did a pretty good job but the bow tying must have been challenging...or he just really liked the lemon lime twist ombre ribbon and wanted to use a lot of it!  LOL

I love how some simple stamping makes the loot bags a little more fun! 

I hope today's post gives you inspiration to use your stamps and ink to create something fun too! 

If you haven't taken advantage of the amazing saleabration promotion yet, make sure to head to my online store to shop and nab your freebie with every $60 order! 

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